Life at Nxera Pharma

Innovation and teamwork inspire our success

Why Nxera Pharma?

Nxera Pharma is a technology powered biopharma company, in pursuit of new specialty medicines to improve the lives of patients with unmet needs in Japan and globally.

Our mission is to accelerate the development of life-changing medicines, by investing in science and technology. Our vision is to lead the next era of medicine. From Japan, for Japan, and by extension, to the world.

We are proud to offer a collaborative, diverse and inclusive working environment that considers your individual needs and believes in maintaining a sustainable work-life balance.

You will be welcomed by a team of colleagues with decades of accumulated experience in their areas of expertise, happy to help you develop your own skills in a highly collaborative environment and who are keen to provide guidance and support in your personal and career development plans.

We have five core values that guide everything we do


Patients, carers, families, and physicians come first


Innovation and teamwork inspire success

Self Innovation

Focus on top priorities where we can make a difference


Speed and agility of decision-making

Authentic 2

Operational excellence

Hear from our team

I feel very fortunate to work in an organization which is dedicated to excellence in science and also people-orientated. There is a good feeling of being together to work towards common goals in a supportive and enabling environment.

Sharing in real time the challenges that we face and the breakthroughs that we make gives a sense of community here. What I like the most is to be able to collaborate across boundaries with people coming from diverse professional and personal experiences. Not only is it motivating to be part of such a team, but also it makes science exciting and dynamic.

Ijen Chen, Computational Chemistry

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